Great bike races come and go. We hope that RRFCX is around a long time and some day considered “a Great Race”, but we still have a long way to go.

One of things that we truly need (like everyone else) is some serious sponsorship dollars. There are services that we want to provide to racers that we can’t fit into our current budget, like a shower truck. How nice would it be to get a steamy hot shower right after your race for no additional cost? You could get all squeaky clean then hit up the food trucks and beer garden!

In addition to better services for riders, it would go a long way toward the long term survival of the race if the balance sheet was consistently in the black.

Many of you in the #NECX work at some swank shops for your 9-5. If you think your corporation would like to advertise at our event while aligning advertising dollars with a well run event, drop us a line at