The 2018 Really Rad Festival of Cyclocross is finally in the books.

Day 1 of racing saw heavy rains, high winds, and solid fields as riders from near and far braved the conditions on a wet and muddy course.  Everyone survived and the racing was great!  

Day 2 shocked the system with near perfect conditions. The wind was calm, the sun was bright, and the temperature was perfect for another day of intense racing action and family friendly fun.

We here at the RRFCX want to thank everyone who came out to race and spectate this year. Our hope is to continue to provide the cyclocross community with a weekend of racing and enjoyment that rivals the best events in the world. Though we still have a long way to go to reach our vision, the seeds are planted and the roots are growing.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the crew who made the event a success. Without the hard work and dedication of these people, there would be no Really Rad Festival of Cyclocross. Months of planning, four days of setup, 12 hours of working a rainy and windy Saturday, and a 16 hour day on Sunday to break everything down is a lot to ask. Thank you for sticking with it and helping us get it done!

See you all next year,

Adam Sykes